Nielson Construction (Huntington, Utah) Joel Miller, Plant Manager

“Our customers have been immensely impressed with the new control house that Nighthawk set up for us in 2008 and the quality of the wiring in that house and on the plant. Our new control house evokes the awe factor and makes a great first impression. We have been doing business with Nighthawk for years and have never had to go back to fix anything nor have we had any problems with the controls they have installed. We have not had to tell Nighthawk how to do a job. We are asked about what we want the plant to do and the job gets done. Nighthawk walks us through any plant problems over the phone and tells us how to avoid problems in the future. This has always been done at no charge and with a positive and helpful attitude. Nighthawk leaves a plant the way a customer wants it and always leaves it in good shape.” 

APAC, Texas, Inc., (Texas) Frank Davis, Master Electrician

“Nighthawk only sells and installs the best equipment on the market and will install on site and make sure that it is working properly. Nighthawk will also make sure you know how to operate and maintain the equipment before finishing the job.

Nighthawk designs and builds new controls, and can modify existing controls to better fit your needs.”

Continental Paving, Inc., (New Hampshire) Mark Charbonneau, President

“We recently had 3 loadout and blending systems installed on our asphalt plants (1 batch plant & 2 drum plants). These were installed promptly and were trouble-free. We would recommend Nighthawk’s services to other competitors. For example, David from Nighthawk arrived at a plant on a Friday afternoon to install an EZ-Blend system and, to our surprise we were able to run by Saturday afternoon without any glitches. He solved our problems. We can’t thank him enough. The service we have received from Nighthawk has been outstanding.”

Jaxon Enterprises (California), Keith Miller, Electrician

“Nighthawk Technical Services has been working with my company since 1995. From computer upgrades to electrical design applications, they have been invaluable. To date, we have upgraded blending computers on 6 varied asphalt plants with minimal downtime and we have had excellent technical support. I highly recommend Nighthawk for any electrical service application.

T&G Construction, Inc., (Oklahoma) Robert Nobles, Plant Manager

“Nighthawk is the only control service that I will use because of their quick service. I am the Plant Manager of six concrete plants and three asphalt plants. They have helped me with all of the plants and they are more than willing to help us over the phone for which they do not charge us.”

Wulfenstein Construction, Inc., (Nevada), James L. Thorne, Hot Plant Operator and Plant Supervisor

“Nighthawk was referred to us by B&S Light Industries along with two other firms. Nighthawk was the only one who responded in a timely manner and was hired to help us set up our new hot plant. Nighthawk showed up on time and exceeded all expectations. The knowledge, expertise, and workmanship were exceptional. Nighthawk has given us technical support over the phone 24/7.

 "When we have a problem that we can’t handle or need advice, our first call is Nighthawk.”

J.H. Strain & Sons, Inc., (Texas)  Buck Baylor, Superintendent

“Nighthawk’s technical assistance has saved us thousands of dollars on downtime. Many problems are solved over the phone. If you own a hot mix plant, you need Nighthawk on your team.”

PSI Seal Masters, Inc., (Oklahoma), Ron Gillihan, President

“Over the last 18 years, we have purchased six complete plant control systems from Nighthawk. When we have the need in the future to convert other plant controls, we are sure that Nighthawk will be doing the project. Never has Nighthawk billed us for help given over the phone and never have they cut our call short. They have never tried to send us to someone else for assistance. They’ve even called us to make sure we are up and running. Nighthawk is our kind of people.”