Plant Troubleshooting Training (on-site)

Plant personnel will learn how to spot, prevent, and troubleshoot electrical and other plant problems on site at their plant. On-site training teaches personnel how to troubleshoot equipment specific to their plant. This training creates a more valuable, knowledgeable employee and saves a company money in the long run.

Plant Operator Training (on-site)

Plant operators will learn how to run a plant efficiently, perform plant maintenance, and curtail plant problems.

Technical Support

 We understand our customers’ needs to produce and meet demands and deadlines. We provide our customers with telephone support at no charge. Sometimes guidance over the phone is all a customer needs.


Nighthawk can visit your plant to locate and eliminate sources of trouble that can cause downtime, costly fines, and loss of revenue. Nighthawk is familiar with a broad range of plant control systems and mechanical applications.


To assure a smooth running operation, we check and adjust your scales and meters.


We can provide electrical design applications for your plant. We will take your existing controls and modify them or new controls to better accommodate your plant.